Works on All Devices

Sell your product anywhere. Our responsive shopping cart and delivery pages work on desktop, mobile, and tablets. DPD's device based, self-service activation lets customers authorize their devices to view content without public download links on Mac, PC, Android, and iOS.

Sell across all devices like android, iphone, ipod, mac, windows, PC
send updated versions to previous buyers

Product Hosting, Delivery, and Updates!

DPD hosts your PDF or other eBook files on our US based servers and AWS. We handle backups and product delivery, and you can even send out automated product updates to all your buyers when a new version is available! Send free review copies to friends, offer special prices to your list, and more!

send updated versions to previous buyers

Automated PDF Stamping and More

DPD is packed with features to make selling your eBook quick and easy. We feature automatic PDF stamping with the buyer's information to discourage sharing, coupons, multiple price points for your products, PDF encryption, built-in product update emails, the ability to send free downloads, and more!

Mark your ebook with buyer information to prevent sharing

Start Selling Now!

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About DPD

DPD is an all-in-one shopping cart and digital fulfillment service to sell downloads. Serving thousands of stores, DPD processes and delivers millions worth of downloads each year.