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Start selling downloads in minutes with Digital Product Delivery.

upload your products to DPD

Create your products and store your files on DPD’s fast, reliable servers.

copy-and-paste our cart buttons

Put our add-to-cart buttons on your website, blog, Facebook… anywhere!

customers buy your products

When customers checkout, all funds are paid directly to your payment processor. All your money is yours.

and DPD securely delivers your files!

Kick back! Relax. Have a cup of coffee. DPD delivers your files for you automatically.

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Copy-and-Paste Easy

DPD requires no programming knowledge to use- you set up your store profile, add your products, and DPD gives you simple HTML buttons or text links for you to copy-and-paste in to your web page!

Customizable Cart, Checkout, & Delivery

DPD’s cart, checkout, and delivery templating system lets you update one layout with your design using our visual editor. Know your way around HTML? No problem- DPD provides a code editor too!

Secure and Reliable

DPD hosts your products from our US based servers and Amazon S3. We handle backups and product delivery from our servers located carrier class datacenters and we’re PCI compliant to protect your buyer’s sensitive information.

Affordable, Flat Rate Pricing

DPD charges a flat rate monthly fee based on the number of products and space you use- no per-sale commissions or bandwidth charges. This makes DPD one of the most competitively priced services on the planet!

Sell More than Just Downloads?

DPD’s main focus is being the best platform for selling downloads, but that’s not all we do. Have boxed products, services, or software keys to sell? DPD can handle those as well and includes a robust rule based shipping and tax calculation system.

Fanatical Support by the Developers

At DPD, the developers provide the customer support. We don’t do automated canned responses- your ticket will be read and responded to by a real live developer who not only can diagnose your issue, but turn around and fix it!

Supported Payment Processors

All sales get paid directly to your processor account.


Features? We’ve got features.

If you sell downloads, ebooks or more then we’ve got what you need.

Secure and PCI Compliant

DPD is a PCI-DSS compliant Service Provider. We use SSL for all checkouts and don’t store cardholder data.

The Money Goes to You

All sales are paid directly to your merchant account or payment provider. DPD doesn’t touch your income.

Full Featured Shopping Cart

DPD’s full featured shopping cart lets you sell any mix of downloads, tangibles, services, and more, through multiple payment gateways.

Multiple Stores, One Account

Manage multiple stores through one DPD account. Sell across multiple sites through one central dashboard.

No Per-Sale Fees

DPD doesn’t charge a per-sale fee, bandwidth fees, or a commission on sales. Flat monthly pricing!

Instant Checkout Buy Now Buttons

Don’t need a full cart? Sell single items with instant checkout, “buy now” buttons.

Product Hosting Included

DPD hosts your products securely on our servers and we don’t charge you for bandwidth, even if you sell a million copies.

Multi-Language Checkout

DPD’s cart, checkout, and delivery pages are available in 7 languages and dozens of currencies.

Customizable Email Templates

Customize the emails that come from your store and give them a personal touch, installation instructions, or support info.

Download Products

Deliver any size file you like in any format you desire. DPD distributes your files fast through our carrier class data center and gigabit connections.

Tangible Goods

With full support for table based tax and shipping calculations as well as FedEx and UPS, sell tangible goods beside your downloads with ease.

Send Product Updates

Send updates to previous buyers when you upload a new version to DPD. We’ll send them a new, unique download link to use.

Service Products

Offer an install service, consulting session, service plan, or anything else with generic service products.

Bundled Products

Bundle products together and create money saving combos, bundles of different product types, or package deals and composite SKUs.

PDF Stamping and Encryption

Stamp PDF ebooks with the buyer’s info, then encrypt them to prevent printing or copying text. No programming required!


Customize your cart, checkout and delivery. From simple color changes with no programming to advanced HTML layout customization.

3rd Party Integrations

Pass your customer data to 3rd party integrations like MailChimp, Aweber, iContact, GetResponse, and more.

Referral Program

Tell others about DPD and earn recurring income each month with the DPD Referral Program! DPD pays commissions for as long as the referral stays a paid user.

Cart Custom Fields

Collect any information you need from users with cart custom fields. Add a text input, checkbox, selection, or pass hidden data from your website to track with the DPD purchase.

Get Sales Data with our API

Use the DPD Cart API to pull information about purchases, customers, stores, or products in your DPD account. Build custom integrations and export your customer and sales data.

Built In Tax Calculations

Calculate sales tax, GST, PST, and VAT all from the DPD cart. Or, use your processors calculations- the choice is yours.

Built in Shipping Calculations

DPD’s cart includes UPS, FedEx, and table based shipping rules with support for free shipping conditions.

Google Analytics Support

Integrate with Google Analytics Ecommerce and page view tracking. Pass DPD sales data directly to Google Analytics Ecommerce.

Mobile Device Ready

DPD checkout works on Android phones and tablets as well as iOS devices like iPads, iPods, and the iPhone.

Affiliate Program

Run your own shared affiliate program across all your stores. Optionally, allow affiliates to sell your products using buy now buttons on their sites.

Manage Customers

Manage all your customers and transactions from one central location across all your stores.

Send Free Downloads

Send a free review copy of a paid product to friends and family, or set up free products to distribute.

Reactivate Purchases

Customer lose their file? Reactivate their download and send them a fresh, secure download link to grab another copy.


Get sales figures, income by product, and more with DPD’s built in reporting. Export your sales data to CSV to create your own reports.

We play well with others, too.

DPD integrates with the most popular marketing, tracking, and sales tools.

Google Analytics
Bodega App Store
Commission Junction
Post Affiliate Pro