Many products. Much wow.

DPD is purpose built from the ground up to be the best platform to sell and deliver download products like music, movies, web scripts and themes, programs, and ebooks.

However, we know many vendors have other types of products to sell too! Ebook authors sell printed copies. Bands sell physical CDs and t-shirts along with their MP3 downloads. And those selling scripts and programs might want to sell activation keys and boxed products.

That's why DPD supports a number of other product types in addition to downloads.

Download Products

DPD knows downloads. We've delivered tens of millions of dollars worth of download products for thousands of vendors around the world. Create your product in DPD, upload your product file, and place our button on your website. Customers buy the products and we deliver the downloads, easy as that.

There is no limit to what you can deliver with DPD- we support PDF, MP3, Video, Zips, RARs, Images, and any other product type you can think of without restriction or limitation.

DPD is a cost effective way to deliver your downloads too, with affordable disk space pricing and no per-sale fees, commissions, or bandwidth charges. One flat monthly price is all you pay!

Activation Keycode and Keycode + Download Products

Selling shareware and only need to deliver an activation key? Need to deliver a file download with the activation key to unlock or install it? DPD has you covered with Keycode and Keycode + Download products. You can deliver from a list of pre-generated keys or on-demand generated keys using our keycode generation URL feature or AquaticPrime licensing.

We'll automatically assign a key to each purchase, deliver the key with or without a file, and maintain a record of who has which key so you can track your activations, all from the DPD vendor admin.

Tangible Goods

DPD's focus will always be on digital delivery, but we've got the tools you need to sell your complimentary physical goods too! Create your products in DPD, set the cost and weight, and we'll automatically calculate the tax and shipping using simple table-based rules you define.

Set up sales tax, GST, PST, or VAT based on country, state/provence, or zip code.

Define table-based shipping rules by country or state, or set up a "domestic" and "international" flat rate structure. Even offer free shipping based on the order total or number of items in the cart!

When you get a tangible order we'll let you know that an order needs to be shipped. Once it's shipped, you can enter tracking information in the DPD admin and we'll notify the buyer that their package is on the way.

Service Products

Selling an install service with your script, consulting services, or anything else that won't exactly fit another product type? DPD supports service products that simply charge buyers a fixed amount with no download.

You can use custom fields in the cart to gather information required to complete the service before purchase, and display custom text instructions or a URL on the delivery page to instruct service buyers after the sale.


DPD also supports bundling multiple product types together!

Subscriptions and Membership Area

Looking to sell subscriptions? With DPD you can schedule content or drip it periodically. Your customers get access to an online membership area and can subscribe to video and audio content directly in iTunes. You get paid directly through Stripe or PayPal.

Let DPD handle the hard stuff so you can focus on your business.

View our subscriber demo for more info.

About DPD

DPD is an all-in-one shopping cart and digital fulfillment service to sell downloads. Serving thousands of stores, DPD processes and delivers millions worth of downloads each year.