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DPD allows you to sell how you want with multiple checkout methods. From single item checkout for simple sales pages to a robust multi-item cart for large storefronts, DPD has you covered.
These demos will show you how DPD integrates with any website.

All DPD buy buttons use simple HTML code and can be integrated with any web page, linked on forums, inserted in to emails, or used anywhere else a simple link can be used.

Customizable Buttons to Match Your Site

DPD's button generator lets you customize colors, button layout with or without price, button text, and if you want to use the overlay cart or not so you can match the buttons to your site's design.

Customizable Product Widgets

DPD offers several product widgets you can use to build store pages or post in blogs- perfect for highlighting a product with image, price and description or building a grid of multiple products on your site. You can choose to display a product image or not, and there are both landscape and portrait orientations. Like the buttons, DPD's widgets are fully color and text customizable.

Full Featured Lightbox Cart Demo

Add the demo items below to your demo cart. You can use the demo card number provided in the cart to checkout for free and test the delivery system and other features. The DPD multi-item checkout process is customizable and capable of taking advantage of all DPD features and options.

These products have the following coupons available for testing:

  • 10% Off: DEMO10PER
  • $5 Off: DEMO5DOL

Demo Cart Checkout Product 1: $0.99
Includes a EULA, product keycode, and PDF stamping enabled for demonstration

Add to cart

Demo Cart Checkout product 2: $5.99
Plain download product with no additional options


Product Upsell Demo

DPD's product upsell feature lets you suggest a related product offer when customers add a product to the cart. This lets you suggest upgraded versions of products or bundles to increase cart checkout totals.

Checkout / View Cart Button

DPD also provides you with a view cart / checkout button for each storefront. Added to the header or sidebar of your website, the view cart button also supplies the necessary javascript to make the lightbox cart work on your website.

Non-Lightbox Example

Prefer to make the DPD checkout match your website and load like a regular web page? DPD also generates non-lightbox code so you can integrate the cart in to your own design.

Demo Cart Checkout Product 1: $0.99
Same as lightbox product above, but loads a traditional page

add to cart

Product Chooser Example

Multiple DPD products can be combined in to a product chooser to give your buyers an option. This is useful for when you sell multiple versions, licensing schemes, or download formats.

Select a Product:

Instant Checkout Example

Want a streamlined single item checkout experience? All DPD products have an instant checkout option that skips the cart and goes straight to checkout.

Demo Instant Checkout Product 1: $0.99
Skips the DPD cart and goes straight to PayPal checkout

Buy with PayPal

Free Product Example

Useful for driving mailing list signups and giving away promotional material, free products in DPD collect the customer’s name and email (which you can then pass to 3rd party integrations) and sends the download link to the email they have provided.

Demo Free Product
Collect customer info enabled

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DPD is an all-in-one shopping cart and digital fulfillment service to sell downloads. Serving thousands of stores, DPD processes and delivers millions worth of downloads each year.