Create Bundled and Combo Products

Is there anything a bundle can't do?

One of the most powerful features in DPD (or anywhere else), bundles let you group multiple products in to one combo product.

Sure, it sounds simple, but think of the possibilities!

Sell Individual Products and Create Money Saving Bundles

In one of the most common use cases for bundles, many vendors sell individual products and then create a "combo pack" containing several products for a different price. Since bundles have their own price and SKU, you can sell three $10 ebooks or a three-in-one bundle for $25 or whatever you'd like.

You can also make coupons require a specific product or exclude products from coupons. Here bundles shine- You can require a bundle to make a coupon active, or exclude an already value priced bundle from coupon discounts while allowing individual items to still apply. It's your choice!

Create Composite SKUs from Multiple Product Types

Need to sell an instant download with activation key with a boxed product in the mail plus an installation service? No need to guide customers through adding multiple products to their cart and making a mistake. Instead, you can create a composite SKU with multiple product types and let customers add all the items in one click.

Other examples of this include selling a script and themes alone for full price, or a bundle with both for a discounted rate, or a program with support contract (service).

Sell MP3 tracks + Albums

Musicians and Bands use bundle products to sell MP3 albums comprised of multiple tracks. Often times vendors want to sell individual tracks for $1 and an album of 12 tracks for $10. Since the bundle price is independent of the individual items it contains, you can create an album price and maintain your individual track pricing.

And, since the bundle uses the same product files as the individual tracks there are no duplicate files and wasted storage space.

Change Bundle Contents with Product Updates

DPD's product update feature allows you to add items, remove items, or update the attached items in bundled products and automatically send them to previous buyers. We'll re-evaluate the bundle's contents before we send the update, so your customers will always get new or updated items added to the bundle since they purchased.

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