PDF Stamping / Buyer Tracking

Watermark and password protect any PDF

DPD's PDF Stamping feature lets you stamp your PDF ebooks and guides with the buyer's information at the the time of sale automatically. With every page of the PDF stamped with the buyer's personally identifiable information, this greatly discourages sharing and posting of your copyrighted content. And, if it does get posted you'll be able to instantly discover who did it so you can take action.

automatically stamp PDFs with buyer information

DPD's easy to use interface lets you set advanced stamping options without manipulating URLs or touching code- just point and click, set a couple easy to understand options like stamp position and color, and we'll handle the rest.

You can...

  • Use your own custom stamp text. Define the stamp text and include the buyer name, email address, purchase ID, or your custom copyright message.
  • Set the stamp start page and end page. Skip the cover, only stamp a specific page range, or stamp every page.
  • Choose the stamp size, color, and position. Put the stamp where you want it on your document and avoid graphical elements on the page.

Check it out For Yourself!

Example PDF Product with Stamping Enabled
Use the test card number 4242424242424242, any 3-digit CVV code, and any future expiration date to test.

add pdf stamping product

PDF Encryption

To use DPD stamping you'll need to upload your PDF unencrypted to DPD's servers so we can open it and apply the stamp. Don't worry though- we'll lock it down when we're done! You can tell DPD to encrypt the PDF, prevent printing, and even prevent copying text.

Note: Not all devices support encrypted PDFs (notably, some mobile devices can't open them) so this is completely optional and can be completely disabled if you wish.

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