Cloud Hosting with No Size Limits

DPD Supports all file types with no size limits

DPD Stores and Delivers your Files from The Cloud


HD Video? Large Applications? No Problem.

DPD has no file size limits. You are free to upload as large a file as you like and we’ll deliver it as fast as possible using our local content delivery servers and Amazon S3.

We have vendors who regularly deliver hours long 720 and 1080p HD video, CD and DVD ISO images, and other large files.

File Size Recommendations

While we have no limits and will faithfully deliver any size file, many buyers may have problems downloading huge files. Very large files will take much longer to download, and in this age of wireless and wifi internet this may lead to dropped connections, lost packets, and a whole host of other problems that may prevent your buyer from getting your entire file. In addition, older computers running Windows XP and other older operating systems, specifically 32-bit operating systems, may have trouble saving and opening files larger than 4GB in size.

We always recommend to vendors to keep their file sizes as small as possible to still get acceptable quality and content that they need. That way your customers will get their files quicker, be happier, and you’ll have less support requests.


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