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How DPD Works

Hint: It’s Easy!

DPD works by placing our button code on your web pages. Customers buy your products through our buttons and all funds are paid directly to your payment processor of choice. After the sale, DPD automatically delivers downloadable products and keys. Professional buyer and purchase management tools help you support customers, send updates, and communicate with buyers.

Use the tabs at left to learn what makes DPD the best platform for selling digital content!

1. Upload Your Products to DPD

To get started, you create your product and upload your files to DPD. Our guided wizard makes it quick and easy to create a new product, set product specific options, and enabled advanced features based on product type.

2. Add Buttons to your Website

Use DPD to generate button code that you can copy-and-paste in to any webpage or blog. DPD provides multiple button styles and colors, or you can use your own button image! All DPD buttons and links are simple HTML so they can be used with any website builder.

3. Customers buy your products

DPD’s cart is designed from the ground up to be a smooth and efficient checkout flow that improves your conversions. You can easily customize the layout and colors to make it match your website or use our lightbox cart to load it right on top of your webpage.

4. DPD automatically delivers

DPD generates a unique, secure download page for each and every paying customer. These download pages expire using rules that you specify, preventing sharing and theft. DPD tracks the buyer’s IP address, allows you to reactivate downloads, and even disable specific products in an order.

5. DPD Helps you After the Sale

We’ll help you track your sales, maintain customer records, and support your customers. In addition to reactivating downloads and sending newsletters and product updates to existing buyers, DPD also integrates with popular 3rd party marketing systems as well as your own scripts or programs through our comprehensive IPN system.

Upload your Products to DPD

DPD hosts your product files and automatically delivers them to your paid customers. No worries about bandwidth, having to manually email buyers their products, or figuring out complicated delivery scripts on your own website- DPD handles it all!

DPD stores your files securely with Amazon S3 and local caching to provide the fastest possible downloads to your buyers.

Guided Wizards Help You Get Going

DPD’s guided product setup wizard will ask you what type of product you want to make, help you upload your product files, and then ask you simple questions like product name, price, SKU, and delivery options. You can create your first product in minutes, with easy to understand instructions throughout.

Lots of Products? No Problem.

DPD has bulk FTP upload for vendors with huge inventories or large files. You can upload your products in bulk via FTP and walk away. When they’re done you log in to your DPD account, pick an uploaded file, and create a product. We even have a bulk product creation tool to let you add many products at once!

Not just for Downloads!

DPD is designed from the ground up to be the best platform to sell downloads. Many vendors have other types of product types to sell too- tangible goods and boxed or CD versions of their products, bundles, or installation, support, and consulting services. DPD can handle those too!

Use DPD with any website

After you’ve created your products, DPD generates plain HTML button and link code for you to place on your pages. Because DPD uses plain HTML, you can use it with any website or blog- even forum posts, free website generators, Twitter updates and Facebook posts- anywhere you can post a link!

Use our buttons or yours!

DPD includes a selection of attractive buttons for you to use. But, because DPD uses plain HTML you can easily substitute your own button image or link your product from text or other images.

In addition to HTML, DPD provides BBCode links so you can post your product to forums and other websites that use that standard. Great for posting special offers on forums!

Wanting to post a link to Twitter or Facebook? Grab the plain text links and insert them without any formatting!

Add to Cart, Instant Checkout, or link to your Product List

DPD supports a number of checkout methods including multi-item checkout using our full featured cart, instant, single item checkout that skips the cart and goes straight to payment, and a new product list view that lists the products you have selected like a mini-storefront, great for ads, in-app purchases, and more!

Check out DPD buttons in action:

View the Demo

Built to do one thing: increase conversions

DPD’s modern, streamlined cart and checkout experience is designed to smoothly move your buyers through payment, shipping (optional for tangible goods) and delivery.


Clean and modern, DPD’s cart allows your buyers to add products, change quantities, remove products, and apply optional coupons that you create. Includes table-based shipping and tax calculations too! Everything from the colors to layout can be customized to match your website.

Payment Options

You can activate as many payment option choices as you like- DPD will present buyers with hosted payment methods such as PayPal Website Payments Standard as well as in-cart methods like Authorize.net and Stripe.


Our streamlined checkout adapts to the product types in your cart, requiring shipping info when needed and moving the buyer quickly through payment. Direct credit card payments are handled right from our PCI compliant checkout, never forcing the buyer to leave your site.

Test drive the DPD checkout:

View the Demo

Get paid with your choice of processor

DPD supports the most popular payment processors, from PayPal Website Payments Standard to merchant account and direct credit card processors like Authorize.net and Stripe. All funds are paid directly to your payment account with no commissions or holds. DPD never touches your money!

Completely Customizable

DPD’s entire cart, checkout, and delivery system is customizable to match your own website’s look and feel. From simply changing the colors to match your brand and uploading a logo to full template customization to completely integrate the cart with your site, DPD has customization features to match every skill level- from novice to professional designer.

Simple Customization

Change colors, upload a logo, or add text to any cart and delivery page. Anyone, reguardless of skill level, can do basic customization to the DPD checkout.

Advanced Layout Editing

For the Pros, DPD offers full layout customization with HTTPS asset hosting and full HTML template customization using the Twig template system.

DPD stands for Digital Product Delivery

We didn’t put it in our name for nothing- we’re serious about storing and delivering your digital products. DPD generates unique, secure download links for each purchase so each customer can download your products quickly and safely- without sharing them.

Like every other part of the DPD cart and checkout, the delivery pages use the same customized colors and layout as the rest of your store!

Download Tracking

DPD tracks the buyer’s purchase and download IP addresses and uses our proprietary system to prevent wholesale sharing of your links. All this information, including information on every download attempt and even if the buyer completed the download, is available to you in the DPD vendor admin.

Download Security

DPD generates unique, expiring download links for each purchase. No two buyers get the same link, and they are generated in real time so nobody can scrape your website and discover your download links. Delivery pages can be set to lock after a specific number of download attempts or after a set time limit- as the vendor you are in control.

Deliver keys and links too!

DPD’s multiple product type support means you can deliver downloads, product keys, instruction text, links to other pages, or any combination of the the above. Sell a program + product key + optional installation service or support plan; with download, key, service, and bundled products any combination is possible!

Selling Tangible Goods?

Many DPD vendors sell a boxed version of their product in addition to a download. Bands sell CDs and merchandise in addition to their MP3 downloads, and ebook authors might offer a printed copy. DPD handles these too, notifying you that you have a tangible order to be shipped, providing the buyer with an invoice they can print, and even sending tracking information once you’ve entered it in the DPD vendor admin. DPD’s built in shipping and tax calculations made sure the tangible or taxable portions of your order are charged correctly.

DPD Keeps working after the sale

DPD works for you after the sale by helping you manage your orders, reactivating product downloads, and tracking your sales. You can integrate DPD with any of our supported 3rd party integrations and automatically add buyers to your mailing lists, or send buyers update emails directly from DPD. You can even send previous buyers new, expiring download links when you update your download products!

Track Orders and Sales

DPD tracks every single order across all your stores. You can filter and view purchases by store or date, or view all orders for a specific customer.

DPD tracks your sales too, showing you exactly how much you’ve made and what your most popular products are.

Communicate from DPD

Don’t want to use a 3rd party system? DPD has advanced communication features built right in.

Email Buyers

Email buyers from any store, or even a specific product to let them know about updates, support issues, and more. Customize your email template using our easy visual HTML editor. DPD includes this service free with all plans $10/mo or more.

Send Product Updates

Sending product updates to previous buyers is easy with DPD. You can specify the product and purchase date range, customize the update email, and DPD will send each buyer a new, activated download link so they can get the currently uploaded version of your product.

Integrates with Popular 3rd Party Systems

DPD integrates with MailChimp, iContact, AWeber, Imnica, and more so you can easily communicate with your customers after the sale. We also send generic notification emails and have a full featured IPN system to notify your own scripts and programs.

DPD integrates with a lot more stuff.

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