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2015 EU-VAT Changes

on December 16th, 2014

EU VAT laws are changing for electronic service, or ‘e-service’, providers. Today, in line with existing EU VAT rules, the VAT on e-services is charged based on the location of the merchant but, from 01 January 2015, the VAT on e-services must be calculated based on the end customer’s location. Changes to DPD and your Sales Process There are a number of changes that vendors have to make: Identify the location of their customers and collect evidence Validate VAT numbers for B2B t...

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DPD Update: PDF Stamping Improvements, Better Key Management, Minor Tweaks

on September 29th, 2014

This weekend we released a major update to the PDF stamping system as well as tweaked a few settings for vendors. PDF Stamper - Faster, Leaner, use Any PDF Version We have upgraded our PDF Stamping / Buyer Tracking system to be faster and use less memory on our server for each stamp operation. This means we can reliably stamp larger PDF files than our previously published 30MB recommendation. Our new recommended maximum file size is 75MB. If your file is larger please test to make sure we can open and stamp...

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DPD Now Supports Groups in Mailchimp Lists

on September 17th, 2014

We're happy to announce that this morning we released another often requested feature- group support for Mailchimp integrations. As always, vendors can select which mailing list they want to send buyers from a store to. Now, you can also optionally specify group options for subscribers based on store or product. Store Group If you want to use the same mailing list across multiple stores, DPD now lets you put all purchases from a specific store into a Mailchimp group. By using a store group you'll be abl...

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DPD Update: Customer Merge, Free Product Email Template, Bug Fixes

on September 11th, 2014

Last night we added a couple often requested features and released several bug fixes and tweaks. Customer Merge Function DPD vendors can now merge customers in to one customer record. Previously, you were unable to change a customer's email address (which is how they're identified in our system) with another customer. Now if you try to change a customer's email to one that already exists we'll ask you if you want to merge the customer records: New Free Purchase Email Template We've added a new templ...

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You can now integrate DPD with Drip Email Marketing

on September 4th, 2014

The fine folks at Drip, an email marketing automation company, have written integration instructions for DPD using our notification URL feature. Now without writing a line of code you can now trigger almost any action in Drip when someone makes a purchase through DPD. What makes Drip special? From Drip's website: Most email service providers (ESPs) are built to send email newsletters to a static list of subscribers. Drip can do this as well, but our main differentiation from traditional ESPs ...

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SOLVED: SoftLayer Datacenter Issues Leading to Decreased DPD Performance

on August 27th, 2014

DPD's primary servers are located in the Softlayer Washington, DC Datacenter. At approximately 1:30PM they had a fiber optic cable damaged that resulted in 6 minutes of downtime. As they are completing repairs there has been poor network performance connecting to the DPD servers. This impacts all DPD services including mail, product downloads, and the vendor admin. Status updates are being posted to the two primary Softlayer twitter accounts: https://twitter.com/SoftLayerNotify https://twi...

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DPD Update: Authorize + Capture flow to prevent double charges, New Extra Sale Notice integration

on August 25th, 2014

Today we released an update that changes the way we charge credit card transactions to prevent double submits of payment information resulting in double charges. Authorize + Capture Flow for Credit Card Transactions This change is somewhat technical and should be invisible to buyers but will address an important support issue affecting credit card users. DPD has always used javascript to prevent double submits of the payment form in the DPD cart. However, recently there have been more and more timeouts wh...

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DPD Update: Use your own S3 File Fulfillment, UI Updates, Bug Fixes

on August 13th, 2014

Today we released a new purchase action that allows you to deliver a file from your own S3 bucket. This is an often requested feature for advanced users only. This is an advanced feature that will cost you money. Have no illusions about this feature– Its complicated to set up, requires that you generate and enter your AWS credentials and file URLs, and will cost you money in addition to your DPD monthly fee. This is only for advanced users only. You are responsible for all s...

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DPD Update: Per-Product Affiliate Hoplinks, admin and theme tweaks

on July 15th, 2014

In this update we made an improvement to the DPD affiliate system as well as added a couple features to the admin that vendors have been requesting. Per-Product Affiliate Links You can now enter a product URL on Product -> Edit and we'll provide a per-product hoplink to your affiliates that leads to that URL in their affiliate control panel. To give your affiliates per-product hoplinks: 1. Log in to DPD 2. Go to Products in the left menu to open your product list 3. Edit the product ...

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Maintenance Completed

on June 29th, 2014

We have completed our maintenance event and upgraded primary hardware. We published a time of 2 hours to be on the safe side, but the total time this impacted access to the DPD site was just 36 minutes. We generally only have a hardware event like this every other year or so to upgrade critical hardware and keep things current. All vendors should experience performance improvements throughout the DPD admin.

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